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About Me

Graduation from the Sulemani University

I'm a Kurdish woman, I live in Holland since 2/1/1990
I'm married to Othman since 1981
and the proud mother of a wonderful daughter and a great son.
I'm Sr. software development engineer.
I like reading detective Romans,
I listen to light classic music and soul music.

Under this link you can see my lovely Family

born and raised:

On a nice spring day almost 6 months before the famous flood of Sulemani in october 1957, I was born. My mother wanted to have a son, but I disappointed her.I'm the oldest of 8 children.

I have 5 sisters and 2 brothers. My sister Shawbo lives in Nashvill, USA. My brother Sherko lives in Germany. The rest of my family lives in Kurdistan.

I lived in Sulemani Until the summer of 1967. I went to Goizhe elementary school in Sulemani until the 5th class. In Khaneqeen I finished the last 2 years of elementary school.  In 1969 we went to live in Bagdad. There I followed the first three years of the highschool. Then we return back to Sulemani where I graduated high school.

In 1979 I got the B.Sc. Diploma from the electrical engineering college at the University of Sulemani.
In 1980 I started working for the same university until Saddam decided to close the university.
I started working for the ministry of housing in 1982 until 22 June 1986, which is when I left Kurdistan.

Here are some Photos which I took with my Family in Kurdistan in the summer of 2001

My Job:      
I have a very interesting job.
I am sr. software development engineer, working on project basis.
That is why I never get bored.
I have worked with PLC's , PC's and micro controllers.
It is not only hardworking but also disciplinary.
I work very good alone, and I can deliver the same quality in a team. For more detail you can read my resumé

I love art:
when I was in Kurdistan I visited every art gallery in Sulemani,
every theater show and every poetry meeting. But life and it's unpleasant turns has taken a lot of me. I forgot how is it like to enjoy. I have learned to let go with so many nice things in life, and to work hard and harder to survive every where I have been.
I love theater:
I was actively involved in acting when I was student at the university. I was member of the Zanko group,
and later I became member of the Peshrau group.
I plaid a roll in:
1978: Ottelo/Shakespeare with Ahmed Salar
1979: uncle vanya/Chekhove with Osman Chewar, Omer Kerim Aga and Bediaa Dartash.
1980: zhiany rozhane/Sherko Bekas with Osman Chewar.
in 1980 I plaid on Radio the Seri of (Mem u zine) of Ahmedy khani during the month of Ramadan.


My favorite book:
Les miserables - Victor Hugo
My favorite authors :
Agatha Christi
Elizabeth George

My favorite movies:
Sense and sensibility,
Little women, 
Sleepless in Seattle

wat I watch on TV:
Detective series,
Medical Detectives,
Forensic Detectives,
FBI Files.

Here's a list of some of my favorites:
Shwan Perwer,
Barbara Streisand,
Frank Sinatra,
Bryan Adams,
Cliff Richards,